Vivid Expressions

Vivid Expressions is a part-time personal graphic design business. I offer services such as web design, logo design, decal creations, and full-color printing.

I am passionate about accurate, clear, and vivid productions, and am constantly developing my skills to provide the best services possible.

If you need any of the services below, please call or message me.

—Orlando Braun

Graphic Design Services


A logo represents your brand or company. It should be visually appealing, distinctive, simple, and yet stand out from the crowd.


A website is an effective way to appear as a credible business and to provide accurate data 24/7. Regardless of your industry, your services or products are sought for online.


Though digital media seems to dominate the market, print is not dead. The feel of print still stimulates a natural, credible, engaging experience for the consumer.